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"You will feel that you are being married by a friend and not a stranger" 

Enjoy reading through my testimonials and reviews from many of the couples I have married.  

Don't leave your special day to chance... I work tirelessly to ensure a stellar reputation.

Wedding Vendor 

Danielle is truly a breathe of fresh air. She truly cares for the couples she officiates, and goes above and beyond during the rest of the wedding day. There were multiple events during the wedding we were photographing that Danielle jumped in on to help, when many others would have looked the other way. She is a true professional, as well as an amaZing person. She will is highly recommended by FamZing Photography & Video.

Endorsement by Stephen and Summer Gossett
Famzing Photography and Video

From a wedding photographers point of view, Danielle does an awesome job. She is very considerate of all concerned and even has the smarts to move slightly out of the way when the bride and groom share their first kiss so we can get the shot. She is fr
iendly, outgoing and fun to hang with. She is the only Officiant that has ever asked us what she could do to make our work easier. I don't think you could go wrong with her.

Endorsement by Terry Miller
Ridge Runner Media

"Danielle is so real. She's one of those folks you could have maybe a five-minute conversation with, and already feel like you've known her for years. She's insightful, creative, funny, vivacious, and very enthusiastic about her job (read, passion). When you choose Danielle to officiate your wedding,you are ensuring that your wedding is in the absolute best of hands. The professional bearing, the unwavering dignity, the quiet sparkle in her voice as she weds a couple who were so clearly meant for each other, these are the rare elements in an officiant that you cannot shop for and buy. These are but few of the facets of Danielle's craft. To know more, you must simply meet her."

Endorsement by Loraine and Josh
DreamShots Photography

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Wedding Day Testimonials

I cannot put into words how thankful we are for Danielle. We went through a rough patch finding an officiant for our wedding, and it all ended up being worth it when we found her! 

All I have heard from anyone that attended our wedding was that our ceremony was the sweetest one they had ever attended. Danielle customizes each ceremony for each individual couple, and it is obvious. She invests time in each couple, which is so rare today. She is talented, full of heart, compassionate about what she does, and a true blessing! I could write her a million thank you cards and it would not suffice. Thank you, Danielle, for making our wedding ceremony absolutely perfect.

Derick and Bekah
 Married April 14, 2013
Creek Club at Ion
 Mt. Pleasant, SC

Danielle (AKA The Wedding Lady) Baker was an absolute God-send! As soon as she walked in the door for our first meeting, it felt like we had known each other forever! Danielle took the time to find out exactly what my husband and I were wanting from our Officiant. She custom wrote our entire ceremony, and even included letters my husband and I wrote to each other (that we had never read prior to our big day)! I highly recommend Danielle for your wedding - I promise, she will help make it unforgettable!

Sarah and Mike
 Married April 14, 2013
Lake Lure Inn and Spa

Danielle was a wonderful officiant for us! We live out of town but she was able to Skype meet with us -- we immediately felt comfortable with her even through a computer screen. She made us feel relaxed throughout the entire process of writing the ceremony, and together with the three of us we were able to craft the ceremony we loved and desired from the start. She respected our wishes for a more non-traditional ceremony, and was encouraging along the way. 

Danielle's demeanor is relaxed, professional, and caring. I cannot imagine our wedding without her, and many of our guests commented on how wonderful the ceremony and officiant were. She goes above and beyond what is expected of an officiant, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for one!

Chris and Gwyn
 Married August 30, 2014
    Private Estate, Greenville, SC

We recently married at the Hotel Domestique in SC. We live in the DC area, nine hours away, so the first time we met Danielle face to face was less than 2 hours before the ceremony. With the internet, that was not a problem and my friends all commented on the beautiful ceremony. I highly recommend Danielle!

LTC C. Kyle and Dr. D. Stryk
 Married September 20, 2014
    Hotel Domestique

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Collins Photography

I couldn't have imagined my wedding day being any better than it was. I'm the third of three girls, also the baby, to get married in my family. My mother told me not to get upset if the wedding didn't go the exact way that I wanted it, or if something went wrong. From past experience, in her wedding and my two older sisters, whether it was on purpose or accident, something had went wrong. 

My husband and I, fiance at the time, had to move our wedding up 5 months due to the fact of military and not knowing if he would be around at that time or not. Having to move our wedding up definitely put the stress on my mom and I. We had three months to plan a wedding. I had gotten on Google and typed in 'wedding officiant' and Danielle's name was the first link. While I was reading through the information I felt as though she was in my living room sitting next to me, talking to me. I knew I had to call her and set up an appointment and when we met it was almost as though we had known each other for a long time, or as though she was family. She was so down to earth and talked to me as though I was her friend, not just somebody paying her to marry me. She made my wedding day as stress free as possible. Ten minutes before our outside wedding, she came and sat in the car with me and calmed my nerves and also just talked to me, told me how everything looked, and how beautiful everything was going to be. She literally is more than just an officiant, she is a lifelong friend.

Emily and Peter
 Married July 8 2014
    Boiling Springs, SC

Photo Courtesy of Raycroft Art

Danielle is truly an amazing person!! My fiancé and I read many reviews before we made a decision on a wedding officiant. All of Danielle's reviews were amazing which made it very easy to make that decision. Once we made our decision, we met with Danielle in person to give her an idea of what kind of ceremony we were wanting. Let me just say..... she made our special day absolutely wonderful! It was everything we had ever hoped and dreamed it would be! It was so us!! We included the "Love Letters". We have had so many compliments on how awesome our ceremony was and we give that all to Danielle!  Thank you for making our day so very special!!! 

Brian and AnnMarie
 Married June 7 2014
Edisto Island

Danielle was a fabulous officiant for our April 2014 wedding in Greenville, SC! She was very responsive throughout the planning period and wrote special custom vows to fit our personalities and love story. She's kind, friendly, and super-easy to work with, making it very easy to open up to her for this intimate occasion, even though we had never met before. We made a great choice in choosing Danielle, and I would definitely recommend her as an officiant!

Brian and Kristine
 Married April 5, 2014

Photo Courtesy of Famzing Photography and Video

I wouldn't even bother at looking for another officiant because it doesn't get any better than Danielle! The moment we met her for our consultation, we knew we had found the perfect person for our ceremony. We felt like we had known her for years rather than minutes. She is the most friendly and down to earth woman you could meet and she did everything in her power to make us happy on our big day! The ceremony was absolutely perfect. Thank you so much, Danielle. I would give her 10 stars if I could!

Taylor and Joseph
 Married June 10, 2014
    Hollow at Paris Mountain

I want to thank you for capturing the hearts of Laura and Taylor when you performed their wedding ceremony this past weekend. It was a beautiful and poignant service that you performed. You are the best!!
Mrs. Holland- Mother of the Bride

Danielle made our wedding ceremony so amazing. It was absolutely perfect and all of our guests have told us how special the ceremony was. Danielle wrote a custom ceremony for us that we will never forget. She was also there for us afterwards at the reception making sure things were going well and if we needed anything at all. She is someone that we will always be grateful to have found for our special day.

Pamela and Roger
 Married October 27, 2013
    Lake Lure Inn and Spa

Photo Courtesy of Famzing Photography and Video

Danielle officiated our Wedding at Zen on October 11th and we cannot say enough about her! She was wonderful! From her custom written ceremony, to her great personality and smile, it brought an air of freshness and fun to our wedding. We recommend her highly to anyone! She is the best, and we feel like we have a friend now, not just a vendor!
    Michael and Cindy
Married October 11, 2013


Photo Courtesy of Famzing Photography and Video

Danielle provided us with pre-marital counseling, a custom written ceremony, and was a fantastic officiant for our wedding! Danielle is an amazing lady who met with us for 6 weeks prior to the wedding and helped guide us through the counseling process. My husband and I both felt that the counseling improved our relationship and brought us closer together! Danielle is a blast to talk with and we didn't even look at our sessions with her as counseling but as spending time with a friend. Danielle provided us with a beautifully written ceremony that all of our family and friends commented to us on. We could not have picked a better person to guide us on our special day and will be eternally grateful to her. She is simply the best.

   John and Jennifer
Married October 12, 2013
   Augusta Manor

Danielle was absolutely wonderful I couldn't have asked for a better officiant. She made our ceremony very personal and special. Everyone at my wedding was commenting on how wonderful she was and how much they loved the creative idea of having us write letters to each other and having her read them for the first time to us at the ceremony. I loved how Danielle was very original and had tailored our ceremony to our needs and made everything fun and non-stressful. She was also available at anytime to answer questions or concerns which was wonderful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

   Brittany and Joseph
Married October 12, 2013
   Twigs Tiempo

We loved having Danielle as our officiant! She was so easy to work with every step of the way, and really helped to make our big day run as smoothly as possible. I had a few people comment that she conducted the most thorough rehearsal they had ever been a part of. Not only is she extremely professional, she is also very enthusiastic about what she does and makes sure that your ceremony is personal and genuine. We highly recommend her! Danielle, thank you so much for all of your help and good energy! 

   Justin and Lauren
Married October 6, 2013
   The Loom

Danielle was great to work with! She was very helpful and so friendly. You can tell that she genuinely cares for the couples that she works with and it shows in the ceremonies that she prepares. Our family loved her too!

   Darius and Audrey
Married October 6, 2013
   Rock Quarry Gardens

Danielle was so great to work with and we are so happy to have chosen her as our Officiant. Planning a wedding from Florida was especially hard since my mom wanted to have a handle in all of the vendors. Danielle was so courteous and supportive and helped my mom feel comfortable the whole way through. She sent her our ceremony to proof read and got her involved in everything. The genuine care that you experience when working with Danielle is a blessing. She truly wants you to have the most amazing experience the whole way through and we definitely did! Thank you :)

  Samantha and Evan
Married August 31, 2013

Lake Lure Inn and Spa

Danielle is amazing!!!! She made this day absolutely perfect in every way!!! We are so happy that we could have her marry us because she made it extremely special!!

  Samantha and Chad
Married September 14, 2013
  Lake Keowee, SC

We truly loved working with Danielle on our wedding ceremony!!! She is so sweet, friendly, and loving.... She takes the time to really get to know each person before writing the ceremony!! Our guests really loved the ceremony and had nothing but good comments about how personal the ceremony was!!!! They said it seemed like we knew Danielle for years..... She made it feel that way!! She made us very comfortable and the first time I read my ceremony I cried!!! She really takes the time to write a personal ceremony for every couple!!! It was exactly what I wanted... Only better!!! Thank you Danielle for celebrating our special day .... I couldn't have imagined having anyone but you conduct our ceremony!!! You are family and we love you!!

 Kristin and Jamie
Married September 28, 2013
 Tyger Pines Arabian Farm

My husband and I live in New Jersey, so when we decided to have our June wedding ceremony in North Carolina, we knew ALL of our planning would be done via email and the online. Needless to say, we were very hesitant! When it came time to search for minister, the only thing we could do was 'Google'. We saw Danielle's site and clicked the link to read all of her fabulous reviews - after reading the reviews, we knew she was the minister for us. I immediately fired off an email and minutes later (literally, minutes later), Danielle replied to set-up a call. Danielle spent quite a bit of time on the phone with us, listening to our story and what we envisioned for our ceremony. Speaking to Danielle was like speaking to my best friend. She just 'got it'. Danielle was always accessible and was always prompt in answering my barrage of questions. When it came time to prepare to write our vows, she emailed my husband and I our 'assignment' – to write love letters to each other and send them to her. My husband and I wouldn't know the contents of the letters until our wedding day. Danielle beautifully and thoughtfully wove our love letters into the most personal, intimate (and funny) wedding ceremony. It was a day my husband and I, as well as our families, will never forget. On the day of our wedding, Danielle arrived early (hooray!!!) and even helped me get into my dress. She calmed our nerves, dispensed her fabulous pearls of wisdom and helped set the tone for our wedding. After the ceremony, as Danielle was preparing to leave and we were preparing to leave for our wedding dinner, my Mother pulled me aside and said, "Honey, isn't Danielle coming with us? I love her." That makes two of us. Danielle Baker, you are the best and I am so blessed to have met you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Katherine and Tom
Married June 26, 2013
Cashiers, NC

We love Danielle. She's so laid back so doing counseling with her just made it better. She is wonderful. She will give you exactly what you want on your day. If you lose control and/or don't know what to do, she knows how to fix it. If you're looking for an Officiant, and she's available, go with Danielle! You'll be so proud that you did.

Tiffany and Cameron
Married June 22, 2013
Greer Event Center- City Hall

Danielle was by far the best decision I made in choosing an Officiant for my wedding. She is simply amazing in every way. Danielle showed up earlier than expected to sit down with me and make sure I was comfortable. She walked me through the whole ceremony taking away any anxiety I had. She worked well with all my family through the rehearsal and created a truly beautiful custom ceremony for us. We couldn't have asked for anything better. To top is off she even stayed after the ceremony to make sure everything went smoothly. I'm not sure you will find anyone better; I would recommend her to anyone looking for a perfect day!

Kim and Jimmy
Married May 26, 2013
The Lace House at The SC Governors Mansion

Danielle was great. We live two states away and it was easy to communicate with her via phone, email or Skype. She had a lot of great ideas for the layout and wrote a beautiful ceremony. We wanted a ceremony with a few prayers but not something that felt like a church service, and the ceremony she wrote had the perfect balance.

She was very professional and did a fantastic job. We are 100% satisfied with Danielle she helped make our most important day absolutely perfect.

Keith & Rachel
 Married July 27, 2013
 Black Mountain, NC

We feel very fortunate and blessed to have found Danielle to officiate our wedding. She was amazing to work with from the first day I met her to the day of our wedding. Danielle is extremely friendly, personable, helpful, and REAL. I felt like I had known her forever. That’s just the type of person she is – incredibly genuine and sincere. From the beginning I was very specific about what we wanted and did not want for our ceremony. Danielle was able to immediately write the PERFECT ceremony for us. I would recommend Danielle to anyone getting married; you definitely won’t find better than her!

Tyson and Terra
Married April 20, 2013
The Bleckley Inn

Danielle was great! She knew everything we didn't and even reminded us to pick up our marriage certificate two days before the wedding (can you imagine if we had forgotten?). She provided several contacts for photographers, planners, caterers, etc. and worked well with the people we chose. Danielle also wrote a beautiful custom ceremony and had no problem sending several drafts back and forth until it was just right! Couldn't have asked for a better wedding Officiant and I would recommend her to any engaged couple looking for a heartfelt ceremony that everyone will remember.

CJ and Rebecca
Married April 21, 2013

My husband and I met Danielle at a friend's wedding exactly one year from our own wedding date. We had no officiant yet and didn't even know where or how to start looking for one, but when we saw how loving and caring Danielle was to our friends we casually asked her what she was doing a year from then. Thankfully she was available!

Fast forward to one year later as we prepared for our big day. The weather forecast predicted rain and Danielle brought her amazing can-do, positive attitude - accented with a little splash of sass - to both our rainy rehearsal and our rainy wedding.  Every time I got concerned, Danielle was there to calm me down, reassure me, and otherwise remind me that no matter what happened she would make sure we were married at the end of the day.  And it turned out she had already worked with my Day-Of planner AND my photographer, and her team-spirit was absolutely essential to getting us all in place.   As for our ceremony - my husband and I are not religious. If laughter were a religion, it would be the one we subscribe to. Danielle took all of our needs, requests, and silly personalities into account, and she wrote literally the *perfect* ceremony for us.  I am so glad we were smart enough to recognize at our friends wedding, right then and there, how special Danielle is. Choosing her to be the officiant for our wedding was the easiest choice we ever made. It was natural, it was right, and it was perfect.

We were blessed with the unique opportunity to 'preview' her work before we committed to her, but I hope this review will provide other brides with all they need to know to decide Danielle is, without a doubt, a professional who loves her job and whom you will love.

Thank you, Danielle! We love you!!!

Ali and Vince
Married on April 28, 2013
The Glen at Homewood- Asheville, NC


Danielle was an integral part of our wedding day. She was extremely responsive, always answering us within 24 hours, usually a lot less. We Skyped with Danielle since we do not live in the same City as her, and from the information attained in our conversation she prepared us a unique and special wedding ceremony. Danielle wanted to make sure it was perfect and she was very open to making any changes to ensure our day was perfect. On the day of the wedding, Danielle arrived early and was very willing to help with all last minute details. It turns out we needed her more than we knew…she did my hair! Since we had a small wedding, my sisters were going to attempt to curl my hair. Danielle saved the day by offering to do it for us! Not only did she take the pressure off my sisters, but I received a lot of compliments on how great it looked; especially from my new husband. Danielle was very personable and helped make sure all of our guests felt comfortable and relaxed. She went significantly above and beyond the duties associated with an Officiant and my husband and I will always be extremely grateful we chose her for our wedding day.

Jake & Christine
Married on April 6, 2013
The Dillsboro Inn- Dillsboro, NC


Mrs. Danielle was great, super friendly, and had a side to her where I felt like I really knew her. I loved her written personalized wedding routine/readings. She was part of the most important day of my life and would highly recommend her for anyone in need of an officiant!!!

Christian & Travis
Married on March 30, 2013
Embassy Suites Greenville- Greenville, SC


When my husband and I met Danielle we knew that she could do what we wanted. Neither of us are very religious and we wanted a ceremony that had a more spiritual overtone rather than traditional/religious. Danielle was open to new ideas and worked with us to create the perfect romantic ceremony. She was always available to answer any questions we had.

Nina & Russell
Married on March 20, 2013
Spartanburg, SC


Danielle is a true master of her craft. She guided my husband and I through some of the most important words we will ever say to each other. I can't begin to express how much of a comfort it was to have Danielle with me throughout this process. She created a beautiful ceremony for us and was open to all suggestions and changes I had. Not only did we have an amazing officiant who believes in true love, but we also have a new friend. Thank you so much Danielle!

William and Amber
Married on October 20, 2012
Lake Hartwell


We loved working with Danielle for our wedding. Her positive attitude is infectious and I enjoyed our meetings with her. She was dedicated and creative. She also provided a sense of calm. At the wedding rehearsal, she took control of things and made sure it all ran smoothly. She is a professional who loves her line of work and I would highly recommend her as an officiant.

George and Emily
Married on November 17, 2012
Cliffs at Glassy Chapel


Grateful that we found Danielle and she was able to perform our ceremony on the day we wanted. I like the fact that Danielle gets to know who you are before writing your ceremony. She does an excellent job in personalizing the ceremony. I would recommend her to friends and family without hesitation.

Alan and Jill
Married on October 20, 2012
Duncan, SC


Danielle is the Best! She was so professional, pleasant and very personal. I felt like I had known her for years. She was in communication with us from the day we first contacted her and always answered any questions or concerns we had right away. She even contacted our photographer when we tried and weren't getting any response back. Danielle wrote the most awesome ceremony with how we met, words on marriage, Love Letters from each other and a Sand Ceremony.. I will never forget the day and thanks to Danielle for being a big part of it!

Will and Lisa
Married on November 25, 2012
Folly Beach- Charleston


My husband and I feel so fortunate to have found Danielle to officiate our wedding.  She truly made our wedding ceremony perfect for us: personal, romantic, and memorable.  Danielle is one of those individuals who is passionate about her job, and it shows through time and time again in the quality of her work, the promptness of her replies/communications, and her wonderful personality.  Thanks to her efforts we had a beautiful wedding ceremony that set the tone for the rest of our wedding celebration.  Thank you Danielle!

Pamela & Kyle
Married on October 6, 2012
Mary's Cottage at Falls Park


I just wanted to get in touch with you and thank you for doing such a wonderful job performing our ceremony this weekend. It was very special to Justin and me and we have received so many compliments about you! Thank you so much for working with us!

Kellie & Justin
Married on September 22, 2012
Lake Bowen Commons

Danielle was AMAZING! She really allowed for me to relax during the wedding and the wedding planning process... super important! She helped make our ceremony and day so special.
Thank you!

Jaime & Joe
Married on September 1, 2012
Pisgah Forest


Thank you so much for a beautifully written ceremony and a very memorable experience!

Mellissa & Phil
Married on September 15, 2012
Wildcat Falls


We wish to thank you for the beautiful ceremony as well as hiking with us to Jones Gap Falls.  We hope you recover from the flu and are grateful that you felt well enough for our special day.  Our thanks as well as for Gunnar for joining us on our special day!

Love and Best Wishes,

Gary & April
Vow Renewal on September 16, 2012
Jones Gap Falls


When my husband and I met Danielle we knew that she was exactly what we were looking for! Neither of us are very religious and we wanted a ceremony that had a more spiritual overtone rather than traditional/religious. Danielle created a ceremony that was a perfect match for us! She listened to everything we wanted and created a unique and romantic ceremony! She was always available to answer any questions we had - even if they weren't about the ceremony! She is extremely flexible and sincere. If we ever decide to renew our vows I know who we will be contacting!

- Kelsey & Allan
Married on August 11, 2012
Furman Rose Garden


Don and I had our wedding at our home and wanted a totally relaxed day with family and friends and you made that happen.  I felt like I knew Danielle the moment we met.  We sat down, went over the ceremony and by the time it started we were so relaxed and having fun.  The ceremony was beautiful, touching and everyone thought it was wonderful and wanted a copy of the ‘Love’ quote at the end. Danielle, thank you so much for making this the most special day for us.

Don & Kathy

Married July 28, 2012

Chesnee, SC


I was trying to find someone that could perform a short and simple ceremony for me and Ray to get married. We have both been married before and just wanted something that was special for the both of us to remember. I found several names on the justice of the peace website and called Danielle first. She was so nice and very interested in the type of wedding me and Ray wanted. I just told her a simple but meaningful ceremony and she put that plan together. We had spoken on Friday June 1st and on Sunday June 3rd, we had a lovely ceremony at the Greer City Park. I could not have chosen a better person to perform our ceremony. Danielle has a great personality and was the perfect wedding Officiant for us. She will make it happen for you. All you have to do is call her like I did. I want to Thank her so much for everything she did for me and Ray and we will always be grateful for that.

- Tammy & Ray
Married on June 3, 2012
Greer City Park

That was beautiful Danielle! Thank you for everything you have done, we were blessed to have you be a part of our special day!!
- Ashley & Christopher
Married on June 3, 2012
The Red Horse Inn


Danielle worked with Kevin and I and she knew exactly how I wanted my ceremony to go. It was like she read my mind. The ceremony was perfect. Thanks so much for all your help! Ill be recommending you to all my brides when they come in to get their wedding hair done!! Thank you for making my day so awesome!!!
- Morgan & Kevin
Married on May 26, 2012
Lenora's Legacy


Words really cannot express how grateful I am to you! The ceremony was perfect and the vows described and fit us perfectly!!  I had the best wedding! Thank you so much for marrying us! You were the perfect choice.
- Kaite & Mike
Married on May 5, 2012
Little Switzerland Inn, NC

I wanted to thank you again for such a nice ceremony!!! It was beautiful and just the way I wanted it to be! :0)
- Danielle & Andrew
Married on May 12, 2012
Historic Poinsett Bridge

Danielle was amazing and so easy to work with. She really works to help couples get exactly the ceremony they are looking for. Our ceremony was everything we wanted and more!! I would recommend her to anyone!!!
- Ryan & Alicia
Married on April 21, 2012
Timberock @ Hopkins Farms

Both Mike and I found Danielle to be extremely professional and personable. She made you feel like she was part of your family and concerned that you would get the kind of wedding you wanted. She allowed us to call her or meet with her as much as we felt necessary and was not ever too busy to return our calls. I felt we had made a friend. Our wedding was exactly what we wanted and our families enjoyed our celebration.
- Mike & Maxine
Married on April 14, 2012
Hilton Greenville

She did a great job. Helped us with our vows. Was at the wedding site ahead of us, and even helped with the photography.

- Tom & Gabrielle

Married on April 11, 2012
Falls Park on the Reedy


I could not of asked for a better officiant. I had originally paid someone else to perform the wedding for me, but ended up finding Danielle and I am so glad I did. She was perfect! :)

- Brittnee & Mark
Married on April 7, 2012

Thank you so much for such a beautiful and special ceremony. We were honored to have you as an integral part of our wedding. Chris and I are so very pleased with the way you were able to personalize our ceremony and make our children feel so incredible. Thank you again for your positive and Christian influence as we begin our new life together.

- Heather & Chris
Married on March 17, 2012
Portman Marina, Lake Hartwell

Mrs. Baker was such a pleasure! She was very professional and proficient! I called her at the last minute and she was still able to help me. I definitely recommend her services to anyone who is looking to be married! 

- Mr. & Mrs. Pearson
Married on March 8, 2012

"The ceremony was Perfect!  Thanks so much for everything!"

Chad & Sheri Freeman
Married on February 18, 2012

Danielle did a fantastic job! She was responsive, friendly, and very accommodating. We planned this very quickly and she helped us every stage of the way to make sure we had the perfect ceremony. We will be using her again when we have a larger vow renewal ceremony. 

-Anna & Daniel
Married on January 30, 2012


Mrs. Baker did an outstanding job and I will be getting "THE WORD" out to everyone about this amazing woman. She made me and my husband feel like we had known her for years. I highly recommend everyone to business with this awesome woman.

- Mrs. Griffin
Married on January 16, 2012


Thank you so much Mrs. Baker. You just don't understand how truly thankful we are for you. I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us out. Believe if we ever need anything, we will not hesitate to contact you for future services. Its like I have known you for years the way you blessed us with your presence. You handled everything well despite Roscoe (Our puppy) wanting all of the attention. Lol. Once again I would like to tell you thank you and I appreciate all that you have done for us.

- Shequilla & Quinton

Married on January 16, 2012


Danielle was perfect. It was our day in every way because of her. She conducted our ceremony in the most professional and courteous manner. Since we were a couple with a budget in mind, Danielle's costs for her services were very economical. An added plus was a number of photos she offered us to help us capture our priceless moments.

- Jewel & Gene Clayburn

Married on December 14, 2011

Custom Written Ceremonies

{ Feedback from a few of My Wonderful Couples }

"This is AWESOME. It brought tears to my eyes!"
Megan & David- Wedding date- 5/18/2013

"Bravo!!!! we love it!  Thank u soooooo much. So looking forward to uniting with your words of wisdom and sincerity  thank you  thank you!"
Chris & Cindy- Wedding date- 12/12/2012

"I am sooooo excited. This is beautiful and fits us perfectly.  There will so many high points during the ceremony that we won't have time to be nervous! I feel like you really listened to our desires and our ceremony will truly feel intimate.  There are so many truths to the words you prepared and I know they will be brought to life on our special day.  Thank you so much! "
Latrecia & Charlie- Wedding date- 12/22/2012

We love it! Thank you, its simple and sweet with just the right amount of gonna make you tear up! We are so excited!!!!!
Meghan & Tyler- Wedding date- 10/27/2012 

"I Love it! I cried.  I can not wait!!!!  Thank you, we can not wait!"
Tabitha & Devon- Wedding date- 7/20/2012 

"Thanks so much for our wonderful ceremony!"

Samantha & Charles- Wedding date- 6/2/2012

"Love the entire layout for the ceremony!! Especially the vows lol...  Cant wait!!"

Kimberlee & Steven- Wedding date- 5/12/2012

"Thank you for creating a beautiful ceremony for us, it's just what we wanted. We don't want to change anything."
Stephanie & Kevin- Wedding date- 5/12/2012

"Love it !!!  It feels so right when I read through it.  Can't see where I want to change a thing !!"
Sue & Norm- Wedding date- 5/26/2012

"This is awesome! It made me cry! It is so perfect! "

Brittnee & Mark- Wedding date- 4/20/2012

"Danielle, Thank you! We love the entire ceremony.  We look forward to having you perform our wedding ceremony We will see you on Saturday afternoon."
Heather & Chris- Wedding date- 3/17/2012

"Danielle..We were reading this and I was crying because it was so perfect..then when you wrote about the tigers and the gamecocks..I was crying because I was laughing so hard!  We love it! Can't wait..thank you!"

Erin & Robert- Wedding date- 3/31/2012

"It is beautiful, elegant and we wouldn't change a word". Thank you."
Cathy & Michael- Married on 3/3/2012

"Looks great!  Everything looks great. Thanks for all you have done.  :)"

Sheri & Chad- Married on 2/18/2012

"We love them!!! Oh man! They brought tears to my eyes!! Thank you so much! I am beyond glad I found you!!! :)
Shannon & Tim- Wedding date- 3/7/2012

"I read it and cried a little. Thank you. Thank you. You are awesome!"
Shauna & Colin- Wedding date- 7/16/2012

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