Carol Eastman

Ordained Minister- Officiant


Performs ceremonies of all denominations,  Welcomes all couples,  Performs formal & traditional weddings,  Also performs fun and frolic-filled events. Whatever the couples want, she delivers. Writes entire ceremony from scratch to give a more personal feel to the event.  Handles direction of the entire rehearsal, Performs baptisms, Civil, Spiritual, Non-denominational, Same- Sex, Commitment, Elopement, Vow Renewals

Areas Served

Charleston and the Low-Country, SC

About Carol...

​Welcome to the wonderful world or weddings and matrimony.  I am Carol Ann Eastman, I can honestly say from deep within my heart that I am head over heels in love with my husband and best friend—and have been for over seventeen years.  I want all people to get to experience what I have with him.  People should be able to find their soul mates and spend the rest of their lives with them.  I believe in love—all love.  I believe in the marriage and the magic that comes with spending the rest of your life with someone you see yourself growing old with. 

 Weddings are beautiful, full of memories, and special moments.  I write the entire ceremony from the beginning to the end—getting input from the couple.  I want every couple’s ceremony to feel special and created just for their love.  The words heard in the wedding should come from the couple’s heart and come alive for all of their friends and family to feel.  It’s their wedding and should be shared as such. I have a Master’s in English, so writing is my gift.  I want to share it with the world.   I cannot wait to meet you and begin planning the most important day of your life.  ​

Danielle Baker 

"The Wedding Lady"

Expert Award Winning Officiant & Minister